Aqua releases new music video for ‘Playmate to Jesus’ (Video)

Aqua has a new look and feel

The band ‘Aqua’ is back and they’ve moved far, far away from the ‘Barbie Girl’ days of pop bubble gum music and they’ve taken a header into some moody heavy stuff.

The tone of their new music video ‘Playmate to Jesus’ is very melancholy which suits the theme of the song, but what was a little depressing to see come from lead singer Lene Nystrom was that she’s completely lost her own style and has become a clone of Lady Gaga with the high platform shoes, black tape over her chest and the racy outfits.  We already have Gaga, what we need is Aqua.

The video takes place inside of a drab house that has trees, leaves and grass growing inside and the band also seems to be having some issues with the smoke monster from ‘Lost’  roaming around the home.  It almost feels like we’re watching a music video from Evanescence.

The band has lost all of the great qualities that made them so much fun and have lifted ideas from different artists to try to become something they aren’t.

Take a look at their new music video below and tell us what you think.


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