‘Survivor: South Pacific’ episode 2: Brandon Hantz’s demons run wild

He could have trouble.

Survivor: South Pacific” is starting to get a little bit crazy — in particular when it comes to an Upolo tribe that doesn’t seem to know which way to turn anymore.

With that in mind, it’s hard to necessarily figure out the weekly winners and losers — but we have still found a way to identify some of them. (As for whether or not we are right, we probably won’t know for a few more weeks.)

The winners

Ozzy: The guy found an immunity idol. How can you say he’s not a winner? The biggest problem Ozzy still has in this game is that he is too good for his own good. Eventually (as the preview for next week showed), people are going to get suspicious — but if he can keep them at bay long enough, he has a powerful weapon for late in the game.

Keith: We may not have seen much of this guy yet, but Keith has some serious potential to go far. He has an alliance where Ozzy is a bigger threat than him, and there are tons of people (Jim, Whitney, Elyse, and Ozzy) who all seem to like him.

Sophie: For someone who is not the strongest person on her tribe, what a solid alliance she has with the other guys. She’s not going to be taken out for a long time here, with the only exception being if she completely bombs out and the Upolo alliance feels they have enough numbers.

Mikayla: Not only did she do nothing wrong this week, but thanks to tribal council she knows who is with her (Coach) and against her (Brandon). It’s always nice to know where you stand, and she still has the votes to be safe for a bit.

The losers

Brandon: Has there ever been someone self-destruct so badly but stay put? First, he made the silly decision to come clean about his relation to Russell Hantz to the one person (in Coach) who hates Russell more than anyone. Then, he seemed to want to get rid of Mikayla simply because he was “uncomfortable” around her. We don’t want to make any accusations about the guy without knowing him, but there has to be some reason why he’s intimidated so badly and concerned that Mikayla is making him concerned about his marriage. Him admitting to wanting her out at tribal may be his key to heading out the door as soon as possible.

Cochran: Sure, you can slice upon a coconut — but you still can’t perform well at challenges. If your tribe had lost, you’d probably be out the door.

Jim: In thinking he orchestrated the five-person alliance with Ozzy, Keith, himself, Whitney, and Elyse, Jim has allowed his head to swell up. He’s good for a while, but his arrogance is going to do him in eventually.

Christine: Obviously, she’s the biggest loser (not to be confused with the other show) of the night. She pitted herself against Coach from the beginning, than ran around scrambling for an immunity idol without needing one right away. She has no one to blame for this exit but herself, and she now has to face Semhar at Redemption.

A winner and loser

Coach: We can’t figure this one out. While Coach made a friend in Mikayla at tribal council by revealing that Stacey and Christine were thinking about voting her out, he also might have lost some ground with Brandon since it put him in a position that he felt the need to “come clean.” Granted, he still has him firmly locked up thanks to knowing a valuable secret.

The biggest problem with Coach this week? You never ask anyone for “privacy” during a group discussion. It’s silly, and he’s lucky to have a chance to redeem himself to Mikayla at tribal.

Who is in the most danger now per your opinion?

Photo: CBS

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