Kate Gosselin sues ex-husband Jon, but should you really care?

So this is happening -Mrs. Carter: And you thought that the saga of Jon and Kate Gosselin was finally over after all of these years.

Back during the summer of 2009, it was common to hear about these two Pennsylvania parents and TLC stars every day (sometimes 20 times a day). They were a tabloid sensation thanks to all sorts of salacious rumors, and it all culminated with a broadcast that was watched by an incredible audience of over 10 million people. It was basically the “Duck Dynasty” level of success.

The two have been in an out of the headlines really ever since, more so with Kate. Jon had actually stayed away from the spotlight altogether … until now. Sources confirm that Kate has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, accusing him of everything from hacking to offering personal information for a book written last year by Robert Hoffman (Jon’s alleged business partner) called “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.” She is suing for a pretty substantial amount of money over all sorts of charges including invasion of privacy and identity theft.

While all of this, if true, is pretty horrible stuff, we also have some other questions that are definitely worth asking.

1. Who would buy a book on Kate Gosselin in 2013? You can’t buy it now anyway, given that it has been pulled from Amazon and other retailers.

2. Does Jon even have any money to take at this point? We know he has a job once again, but we’ve never heard anything about him pulling in a substantial amount of money?

3. Weren’t these two getting along better as of last year?

4. How has Kate “fooled” anyone? We don’t exactly remember her ever being all that likable on “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” which yields the question about why this book is even necessary outside of a desperate move to end all desperate moves.

If these claims are true then it’s easy to see why Kate would be upset, but is suing Jon really going to be the best thing for their family? They have eight children watching, so is Kate suing their father a good move or is there another way to deal with this situation that doesn’t involve both parents wasting money on lawyers? Leave us a comment and tell us what you would do in this situation.

Photo: TLC

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