‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ castaway spotlight: Caleb Bankston

Meet Caleb -In doing some of the loved ones during the “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” castaway spotlight series, we’re going to have a tough time trying to get just a whole lot of information. They conducted all of their cast interviews, both with CBS and with Dalton Ross, with their returning player counterpart, and sometimes, they could barely get a word in edgewise.

One of these such examples is Caleb Bankston, who had to sit next to Colton Cumbie while he was peppered with questions. He seems life a soft-spoken, outdoorsy sort of guy, and someone who could fare well if he is able to function in the game without too much judgment from other players. One thing we can confidently say? He clearly loves his fiance to stand by him after seeing the sort of hatred and vitriol that America fired at Colton after “Survivor: One World,” where some of it was actually just as nasty as the things that Colton actually said on the show.

Basic details – Caleb Bankston, 26 years old from Collinsville, Alabama; here with fiance Colton Cumbie

Occupation – Farmer / post office worker

Strengths – On paper, he seems to be tailor-made for the survival aspect of the game, given that he comes from a background that is similar to JT, a player that he considers himself to be like. Caleb is probably going to be a quieter guy around camp (at least compared to Colton), and should hold his own during most of the challenges. He also seems cognizant of how he and his fiance are going to be perceived going into this game, which is very important if he wants to have a shot at winning.

Weaknesses – Baggage from Colton is going to be the biggest one. Some out there may be so disgusted by some of the things he said the first time, and Caleb could be labeled guilty be association. We also don’t get a huge killer instinct from him, but that may just be because the man is so hard to read. (He would probably have an even harder time had this not been filmed before “Big Brother 15.”)

Prediction – Caleb is the hardest player to peg, mostly because we know so little about him still and have barely even heard him speak. We still don’t see him lasting long, though. We just think that in a world where everyone wants to look good on TV, there is going to be such a dark cloud surrounding Colton that he will be targeted early. If these people actually give him a chance, though, he could make it to the merge and at least a ways into the jury. Getting rid of someone who can actually help you is never a smart move if you’re actually there to play the game.

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