Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick work well together as parents

Sarah and Matthew work well together

When most people see a person talking to themselves “sanity” isn’t the first word that comes to mind, but for actress Sarah Jessica Parker, she says that talking to herself keeps her sane.

Parker said that not only does she talk to herself, but that her babysitter does it also and that the pair is constantly apologizing to each other when they do it.  She said; “I talk to myself. Constantly. Both my baby-sitter and I talk to ourselves, and we’re constantly apologizing for it.”

The actress went on to talk about how blessed she is to have a great support system around her and that it helps her balance home, work, husband and life.  She explains;

“There are millions and millions of women in this country that do it far better than I do with far less resources and far less support. Frankly, I think women are accustomed to doing a lot. We can talk on the phone and tie a shoe and pack a lunch and change a diaper. I now know how much time it really takes to get the kids up in the morning, but I still do it at the last minute, so there you go. I’ve learned nothing! I’ve been getting a lot of support. I’m very proud of my minivan.”

Parker’s husband Matthew Broderick is constantly there to help his wife out at every turn.  He explained that while she’s great at some things, he’s great at other things and together they get the job done.  Matthew said;

“It seems like [my wife] is responsible for a lot of organizational stuff, but I do as much as I can. I’m just good at different things. I can hang out with a kid forever and do very well.  I’ll be spontaneous; I’ll go to a movie, zoo, or museum. It’s simple.”

Photo: David Shankbone

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