‘Criminal Minds’ season 9: Thomas Gibson was separated before catfishing fiasco

Awkward? -Mrs. Carter: Here is a little bit of a silver lining following that pretty awful Thomas Gibson – catfishing story from this past weekend.

As you may recall, there were a number of reasons why this story was so scandalous, whether it be the allegations that the “Criminal Minds” star carried on an online relationship with a woman who never met him, or that she ripped all of her photos off of various lewd websites in order to convince him that she was real… none of this was good. But, the latest story coming in now at least makes it clear that while Gibson may have been gullible in going along with this, at least he was not unfaithful in the process.

According to TMZ, Gibson and his wife Christine were separated for six months prior to the start of his online relationship, and it never occurred at a time in which they were together. The couple is still technically married, and live together for the sake of caring for their children.

There is one other interesting wrinkle that was not mentioned previously. It was around January when Gibson’s legal team contacted the alleged girlfriend and told her to cut off contact with the actor, which was around the same time that Manti Te’o was front and center in the headlines when it was revealed that his girlfriend Lennay Kekua was a hoax. Could this story coming out help Gibson to realize that something was terribly amiss with his own?

At least Thomas has his work to slowly descend into now. The new season of “Criminal Minds” does not premiere until September 25, and by that time, a good many in the media will have forgotten about this story.

Photo: CBS

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