‘Survivor: South Pacific’ preview: Cochran in the crosshairs

Cochran’s in trouble…

We have one final look at “Survivor: South Pacific” before its new episode on Wednesday night, and there is really only one question worth asking as a result — is John Cochran actually going to survive another week?

Clearly, our Harvard law student is in the most danger this week thanks to him being a weak player in challenges, and more than anything else he just needs a week to stick around camp so that people can see he is a valuable person to have around. (If his tribe does lose, his best move may either be to try and take out an emotional Dawn, an older Papa Bear, or a major threat in Ozzy.)

Meanwhile, the preview below and everything we have seen so far suggests that there are three people in real jeopardy over on Upolo:

-Brandon: If people find out that he has already lied about his background in this game, he’s toast — no one will ever trust him again.

-Christine: She’s constantly on an idol hunt, and it puts a major target on her back (unless she actually finds one).

-Coach: Let’s face it that Coach is constantly in trouble in this game. He’s out there mentally, and so far no one really seems willing to give him a chance. It is a bit of a shame, if for no other reason than that he could really help people get further if they side with him.

Who do you think is in the most danger?

Photo: CBS

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