Amy Schumer slammed over Ryan Dunn joke at Charlie Sheen roast

Did she go too far?

There doesn’t seem to be any limits when it comes to a roast and the more controversial you are and the deeper you hit, the better the roast.

Unfortunately for comedienne Amy Schumer, she put that to the test at Charlie Sheen’s roast last night and pushed the envelope with a joke about Ryan Dunn’s passing and it didn’t turn out well.  After Amy gave her condolences to Steve-O, one of the roasters and close friends of Dunn, she told a joke that some people are saying crossed the line.  She said; “When Ryan Dunn [passed away] Steve-O probably was thinking it could’ve been him … with the rest of the world wondering, ‘Why wasn’t it?’”

Steve-O looked like he was on the verge of tears as he was the one person who was affected by Ryan’s passing more than anyone else.

Twitter exploded on Tuesday morning and both Dunn and Schumer were trending topics.  While many people felt that she was way out of line with her comments about Ryan Dunn, there were some people that defended her, saying that it was a roast and anything goes at these things.

Comic Jim Norton tweeted about the event saying that Schumer “did EXACTLY what she should have done on that roast. [Expletive] people and their selective outrage.”

Schumer retweeted Jim’s comments as well as a comment from another user that said; “@SethMacFarlane w/ a Winehouse joke and all good.. @amyschumer does a Dunn joke and gets ridic heat? relax ya [Expletive] its a ROAST!”

Do you think that Amy crossed the line with her joke about Ryan?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Maryanne Ventrice

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