Is Justin Bieber’s manager looking for young entrepreneurs?

Are they looking for talent?

Justin Bieber’s manager may be looking for young entrepreneurs who want to get their own business off the ground.

Reports are saying that Bieber’s manager and Lady Gaga’s manager are searching for great ideas and that they will combine the powers of Gaga and Bieber to make the idea happen – for a large chunk of the profits of course.

Here’s what Justin’s manager apparently said about what they are looking for; “For all of you young entrepreneurs out there watching, if you have a brilliant idea, Troy [Lady Gaga’s manager and I will combine the powers of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.  Give us a large piece of the equity.  I realized that the power our artists have created for themselves on Facebook on Twitter on YouTube are very, very valuable for launching these platforms. The great thing about technology that works, and that isn’t dependent on a Gaga or a Justin, but can be launched by a Gaga or a Justin.”

It seems a little strange to us that Justin’s manager would reach out looking for “ideas” and asking for “a large cut” of someone else’s ideas, but if these two managers are really looking for young talent then this could be the break that some new young star has been waiting for.

Photo: Adam Sundana

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