Brad Pitt says he didn’t save anyone on ‘World War Z’ set

Brad says he’s not a hero

Last month reports surfaced saying that Brad Pitt came to the rescue when a woman fell down on the set of his new film ‘World War Z’ and was almost trampled by 700 extras.

While everyone was calling Pitt a hero, he’s saying that he never saved anyone’s life and that the stories aren’t true.  When asked about saving the woman’s life he responded by saying; “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The reporter at Entertainment Weekly went on to tell Brad the stories that were circulating the internet about him saving a woman while he was on a horse and he said; “On a horse? I haven’t been on a horse. There are no horses in the movie. That’s bull [expletive]. Listen, when someone falls down, you’re going to help. Listen, a lot of our scenes are with masses of people. We’ve had several scenes where people have fallen down.  I have not saved any lives, okay? People fall and twist ankles—the extras have really been giving it. And you don’t want people to get hurt. If I’m not the first one there, someone else is.”

Do you think Brad is a hero and he’s just being humble?  Or do you think the story was blown out of proportion?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: SpreePiX

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