‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: Boss on Ted getting over Rob … finally

Get ready -In some ways, we get the tendency of viewers to want to shout at their television screen as to why in the world can Ted not get over Robin on “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s the same way that viewers yell at Deb for forgiving her brother on “Dexter” … who is a serial killer. We get tired of seeing similar behavior time and time again, even if it is something more realistic in the concept of real life.

But if you stop and think about it, Ted’s feelings towards Robin are insanely realistic, since they’re rooting into many things that we can all relate to: Desperation, loneliness, and a great deal of jealousy that your friend beat you in the race for a woman that you haven’t let go of after knowing her for almost a decade. But in the end, Ted’s not a jerk out to steal Robin away. He’s a nice, eccentric, and at times hipster-ish guy, and Carter Bays explains to TV Guide that we’re going to see a story this year of how Ted completely gets away from his feelings for Robin, and is finally in a position where he can be with someone else:

“Ultimately, this is the story of Ted letting go of the wrong girl so he can be with the right girl … There’s a few secrets floating out there that we know of and there may be more that we don’t know of. The fun thing about a wedding is that it’s just not the time or place to air your dirty laundry. And yet there’s a lot of dirty laundry, and it’s about to come exploding out.”

Did you expect anything less than a dramatic wedding? Look at the history that is here between all of these characters. If there was not some sort of event that caused things to start to spiral slowly out of control, we would seriously question just what show we were watching.

One episode that you are seriously going to want to look out for this season is “The Broken Code,” which is going to be more or less about the tension that Ted and Barney face over some of the Robin history that is out there. Want to read more on that and other topics? Then take a look at the story here.

Photo: CBS

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