Rosie O’Donnell bans Piers Morgan from her new show

Piers is banned from ther show

Rosie O’Donnell had been good friends with singer Madonna for years and when ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Piers Morgan banned Madonna from his show for numerous personal reasons, Rosie took the attack on her friend personally.

O’Donnell has now banned Piers from ever appearing on ‘The Rosie Show’, saying that his actions towards Madonna were uncalled for and that he won’t ever appear on her show.  She said;

“I think I had a lot more rage than I was aware of, but I’ve gotten back access to my other feelings. I’m not cut off from my emotions anymore. I think without Estrogen it would not have been possible for me to be here doing this show. [Suzanne] said, ‘Please, please go to one of these doctors and get some hormones. I’ve known you for 15 years. I know your heart, please do this.’ Yes I’ve banned Piers Morgan.  He banned Madonna for no reason when his show started, so I’m banning Piers Morgan! I don’t have anybody banned, but if I have to make a list, he’s on it.”

It’s also possible that she doesn’t want Piers on her show because he is close friends with Donald Trump and we all know how Rosie and The Donald feel about each other.

We’re sure that Piers isn’t losing any sleep about not appearing on Rosie’s new show, and it’s probably best for everyone if he doesn’t even try.

Photo: Jason Chatting

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