‘Survivor: South Pacific’: who’s changing their plan?

He could have trouble.

As we prepare for next Wednesday’s new episode of “Survivor: South Pacific,” we are going to discuss some of the new videos uploaded to the internet by CBS. While there will not be any spoilers in these articles, they will be chock full of theories — so read at your own risk.

This time around, we are focusing on the 20-second promo released following Wednesday’s new episode — in addition to a new tweet from Jeff Probst proclaiming that someone will find a hidden immunity idol during the next installment.

When it comes to the promo, the show makes it fairly clear that we will see a classic example moving forward of someone thinking that it’s going to be much easier to fool people than it really is. Did Brandon Hantz really think he could go the entire show without revealing a tattoo with his last name? While the clip does not prove that it is him, they do focus on a discussion between him and Coach that leads the Dragonslayer to say “he has demons.” (We also saw a shirtless Brandon during the show’s introduction — but that does not guarantee much in the way of timing.) Anyhow, Coach knowing about Brandon’s relation to Russell cannot be good, largely because everyone on “Heroes vs. Villains” could not stand the guy.

As for the immunity idol, right now there really only seems to be two primary candidates for who could end up finding it:

1. Christine: She has been looking for the idol like it is the Holy Grail, and has done so at the expense of her tribemates’ trust.

2. Stacey: She almost stumbled upon it this past week, and if she retraces her steps she could get lucky.

Who do you think will find the idol, and do you think Brandon is going to have to reveal his relation to Russell?

Photo: CBS

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