‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Finally, signs of life

PoolIf there has ever been a boring day on “Big Brother 15,” it has been today. Thanks to some houseguests staying up until around 5:00 a.m. Pacific last night, it was literally after 2:00 p.m. that anyone outside of Helen woke up and actually started to do something within the game. A little bit lazy, no? We vote “definitely” on that one, but what else is there to really do when you’re locked up in a house for weeks on end?

The only hot topic of the day so far is really just bashing Judd, which has been done by the likes of Helen, Amanda, and Aaryn. There are conspiracies out there regarding him being MVP, and there are also conspiracies out there about him being one of the leaks of conversation to Candice. He and Jessie are both suspects in what is basically a completely useless conversation topic, since it really doesn’t matter what is happening with the vote.

The only real paranoia that we see here is whether or not Judd is going to flip, which could be valuable depending on if the houseguests still decide to split the vote for whatever reason. In the end, Howard’s still almost surely leaving the game, and we have a hard time really paying close attention to any of this. We’ll be much more excited when someone makes a big move, since for the time being, everyone is still standing firmly in place and waiting to see what the game will throw at them next … which will probably be an endurance competition tomorrow night.

What do you expect to see take place in the “Big Brother 15” house tonight? If you want to bookmark one link that will bring you everything that you need to know, our recommendation is to just click here. We’ll also have our full review pretty soon.

Photo: CBS

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