‘Real Housewives’ Michaele Salahi promised to “grow old” with Neal Schon

Michaele's affair is exposed

Now that it has been revealed that ‘Real Housewives of D.C.’ star and White house crasher Michaele Salahi was not kidnapped and instead got caught up in a series of lies while trying to have an affair, all of the shocking details are coming out.

Michaele has been secretly seeing Journey guitarist Neal Schon and they even promised each other that they would find a way to spend the rest of their lives together despite the fact that they were both already married.

The reality star told a friend back in 2009 that her relationship with Neal suddenly became more intimate and she said; “I remember crying so hard once when I told Neal I couldn’t see him — heartbroken. He was always the love I never knew where it would go. We promised one another that we would […] grow old together into our 80s and always love and be there for one another.”

Long before their relationship became physical Michaele and Neal’s feelings for one another were hard to deny says sources close to the reality star.  They say that the pair had been struggling with their feelings since they had met in 1995.

Michaele tried to keep it a secret and once even told Schon; “I didn’t put [our pictures] up on Facebook ever to cherish you and keep you my secret. I love who you are too much.”

Neal has allegedly said that if he had know about Michaele’s feelings back then, he never would’ve married his wife in 2001.

Michaele’s husband Tareq of course is completely devastated and still is hoping to find a way to work things out.

Photo: Bravo

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