ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Molly Quinn on latest dynamic for Castle, Alexis

Molly QuinnDo you think that the father / daughter relationship was tested before on “Castle”? Then just wait until you see what the show has in store for the upcoming sixth season. We are going to see a somewhat different side to Molly C. Quinn’s character of Alexis, specifically in regards to the fact that she is going to be around a very different man in Pi, her new love interest played by Myko Oliver.

This is going to be a guy that we actually see (unlike Alexis’ man from last season), and Castle is going to get the opportunity to know him very well … as in from the comfort of his own home. So is this often comical writer / detective / conspiracy theorist going to be able to strike fear into the heart of the young man? Only time well tell.

Want more details? Then just listen to what Quinn (per Wetpaint) has to say about what could be Alexis’ motivation for doing something to her dad that is clearly going to make him rather uncomfortable:

“Alexis brings home someone that Castle doesn’t like. But is she doing it on purpose to get under his skin because he’s engaged and didn’t tell her, or is she doing it because she really likes the guy?”

Then again, it is still to be seen just how much (if at all) Alexis is really aware to how much she is impacting her dad by having the boyfriend around. If she is young and in love, then she may be very well living in that sort of “me” world where everything revolves around her. If that’s the case, the frustration level in this madhouse of a home could be amped up to another new level.

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Photo: ABC

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