‘Burn Notice’ season 7 spoilers: Could a Bruce Campbell spin-off happen?

Burn NoticeDuring tonight’s “Burn Notice” episode, we were reminded yet again via the story of Michael Westen that friends matter, but once this series is over in its current form, is it possible that two of his friends in particular could go off and do their own thing? It’s a hot rumor right now, and it could burn hotter than the Miami sun if the show continues down the road that some fans want it to (where no one else important dies and there will be a reasonably happy ending): Could there be a spin-off show?

Based on what we’re hearing right now, it is something that is being very much considered. Speaking to TV Guide, Bruce Campbell makes it clear that there are at least some discussions about him continuing to have a relationship with USA after the adventures of Michael Westen end:

“I’ve been talking to USA. They have a bunch of stuff they want to talk to me about.” 

Meanwhile, his co-star Coby Bell is a little bit more clear that there are specifically talks around a series featuring the adventures / antics of Campbell’s Sam Axe and his character of Jesse:

“It’s definitely something Bruce and I would both be into. It makes sense. It’s just a matter of lining things up.”

With creator Matt Nix saying that he would love to work with the two actors a little bit more, the stars are starting to align here, though it does probably depend on scheduling, story pitches, and more. You’d have to find a way for one to get these two guys away from Michael, Fiona, and the rest of the gang, and it’s possible that you would have to get them out of Miami to do that. Would Sam really be the same in any other city? What would he drink? These sort of things are what make spin-offs complicated, since there’s also that little magical dream that Sam would stay friends with Michael and talk to him all of the time; if that happens, you would watch the spin-off and wonder what happened to him.

Whether it is a spin-off or just a TV movie, is there something more that you think that these characters have to offer? If you want to relieve some footage from tonight’s “Burn Notice,” don’t worry: We have you covered here.

Photo: USA

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