‘American Horror Story’ alum Zachary Quinto splits from Jonathan Groff

Zachary QuintoMrs Carter: Zachary and Jonathan have parted ways.

“American Horror Story” alum Zachary Quinto has always been fairly private when it comes to his personal life, so if you didn’t hear the news about his break up with boyfriend Jonathan Groff until now (even though it is said to have happened last spring) then this shouldn’t really be that surprising.

Quinto came out about his sexuality in 2011 and the following year revealed that he was in a relationship with Groff. The couple kept their relationship out of the watchful eye of the media for the most part (at least as well as they can when you’re tremendously famous and everyone wants to know what you are doing), and even managed to do so with their break up since it is said that Quinto and Groff broke up months ago without anyone finding out.

While a source spoke to Perez Hilton and tried to throw shade on the break up saying that it did “not end well” and that the split was “far from amiable”, a Gossip Cop source says that there was nothing “salacious” to this story and that Quinto and Groff are still friends, regardless of what people say.

Break ups are never easy and of course some are messier then others that involve broken hearts, broken dishes and personal belongings being thrown out onto the street, but it sounds like Quinto and Groff were able to go their separate ways without it getting too ugly. If it was really as bad as the Perez report says it was, then wouldn’t we have heard something about it before now? Nasty break ups hit the internet faster then a new twitter trend about Justin Bieber eating a sandwich, so it’s more then likely news of a bad break up between them would have surfaced long before now.

Photo: FX

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