‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Jeff Probst talks Coach and Ozzy – plus predictions

This group will meet Coach and Ozzy.

Jeff Probst has finally wrapped up his summer of shooting two seasons of “Survivor,” and with that we are getting some new content when it comes to the premiere of “South Pacific” on Wednesday night.

The host has now joined TOUT in addition to his Twitter page, and will be doing live video Q&A sessions during the show beginning with the premiere. (It should be exciting — and also lead to a ton multitasking.) Jeff has already posted two videos, and had the following bits of information to share:

1. Coach and Ozzy are going to have to square off in a duel almost right away.

2. After these two are assigned to their tribes, one of them is going to be accepted almost immediately into their tribe — meanwhile, the other is not. (Our bet? Coach is immediately ignored by many.)

Now, we come to a bit of what is a season we have taken part in for as long as we have been writing about TV — predicting who will go far in this game. There are no spoilers here, and we also really don’t have any sort of criteria as to why we are picking these people. Here they are, from last place to first.

18. Semhar Tadasse – She really doesn’t seem to have the sort of build you need to do well in this game.

17. Mark Anthony Caruso – Love the guy, but you have to think that he’s going to struggle physically in this game.

16. Brandon Hantz – As soon as this group finds out he’s a Hantz, Brandon’s gone. Considering that he has a tattoo of his last name, it’s not going to take long.

15. Sophie Clarke – See Semhar’s explanation for an understanding of why this is happening.

14. Ozzy Lusth – Surprised? Don’t be. Remember that Redemption Island is still a part of this game. This group is going to want Ozzy gone before the jury since he’s a threat — unfortunately, it’s not going to happen just yet.

13. Rick Nelson – Considering that the guy has already shown he doesn’t like Coach (and Coach is the biggest goat ever to take to the end), expect to see things not work out well between the two of them.

12. Whitney Duncan – At some point, people are going to have to realize that blonde Southern girl typically comes a threat, and needs to be taken out early. This will be the time.

(The merge, Ozzy returns to the game.)

12. Dawn Meehan – Dawn is smart enough to play this game well, but eventually she will be labeled a big-time threat because of it.

11. Albert Destrade – Because of Redemption (and Boston Rob last season), don’t expect one tribe to dominate post-merge. Albert is an enormous physical threat, and will be gone because of it.

10. Elyse Umemoto – Both Elyse and Mikayla have Parvati vibes to them — but only one girl can effectively play that part successfully a season.

9. Ozzy Lusth – Ozzy probably won three straight immunity necklaces to get this far — but this will be the end for him. Like Matt, someone (in this case Albert) will be able to knock him down.

8. Jim Rice – With Ozzy gone, some of the other men are in trouble.

7. Edna Ma – She seems to have great interpersonal skills, but doesn’t seem like enough of a gamer to really get much further than this.

6. Christine Shields Markowski – Can we already dub Christine the contestant who is going to be largely invisible?

5. Stacey Powell – At this point, immunity is going to place a huge role … and Stacey does not seem likely to win.

(Albert returns to the game.)

5. John Cochran – Thanks to Albert winning immunity, the man we are predicting is going to shake things up in a big way will be gone.

4. Albert Destrade – If it wasn’t for Mikayla (who we think is going to be a huge challenge threat), Albert probably would have made it to the end.

3. Benjamin “Coach” Wade – Mikayla and Keith are going to be smart to bring Coach to the end. He won’t get any votes, but will probably deliver the most epic speech possible.

2. Keith Tollefson – This is going to be a tough decision for the jury to decide between a strong social player, or someone who dominated more of the game.

1. Mikayla Wingle – Expect a close vote, but Mikayla seems in a great place to win this. She’s strong physically, seems to have a great bit of willpower, and could also play a strong strategic player. The show seems due for a young female winner, mainly because it was two years ago in Samoa that it last happened.

Who are you predicting to win?

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