‘Glee’s’ Jane Lynch dishes about her new book and motherhood

Jane opens up in her memoir

Jane Lynch plays a hard nosed revengeful coach on the hit television series ‘Glee’ but in real life she’s caring, fun and insightful.

Lynch is moving in a new direction with a fabulous new book she’s written about her life entitled ‘Happy Accidents’.  Jane spoke to the Advocate about the book and what readers can expect to read about.  Jane said;

“I don’t know that I set out to surprise — I just told the story. I kind of carry myself with a confidence and a know-it-all-ness, so it might surprise people that there was actually a very scared child underneath the surface of that. One of the things I say in the book is that everyone has their own journey and I wouldn’t condescend to tell anybody how to go about theirs except to say, “Trust your life and trust where you are right now.” Everybody’s going to have their own story, and we have to leave it up to them to decide how and when they’re going to come out. I would never give anybody advice that way. It’s so personal.”

Lynch also spoke out about how motherhood has changed her.  She said;

“It’s so funny, my instincts are, Well, I’m maternal in that I’m very empathetic, but children I never got or understood. I’ve always been more of a dog person.  So yes, motherhood has changed me. I have this little girl, Haden, who lives with us. She’s 9 years old, and she’s witty and sardonic and has a huge heart. She’s a peacemaker and one of the wisest beings. Sometimes I feel like she’s taking care of me.”

Photo: Jane Lynch book cover

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