Bachelor Pad 2: Blake Julian and Holly Durst are engaged, upset at ABC

They're engaged!

Holly Durst made out like a bandit on season 2 of ‘The Bachelor Pad’.  Not only did she and her partner Michael Stagliano win the big prize of $250,000, she also snagged herself a fiancé.

On Monday night’s big finale, Blake Julian let the world know that he proposed to Holly and that she said yes.  Blake said; “She has a firm hold on my heart.  It’s the most serious [relationship] that I’ve ever been in… [Michael] has an understanding that things are getting pretty serious.”

Even thought Blake thought that Michael was aware of how serious things had gotten between his ex-fiance and Julian, Michael really was clueless.  Bachelor Pad’ host Chris Harrison alluded to Holly and Blake’s big announcement and Michael said; “They’re moving [in together], right?” to which Holly responded uncomfortably “We got engaged.”

Michael said; “I’m sorry, that’s super awkward.  I’m sorry. I’m shocked still — so maybe a water would be great, or a commercial break. Seriously, congratulations, I’m sorry. But really here? This is where I find out? I really do want Holly to be happy always, it’s okay.”

Holly has since been on her Twitter account and said that Michael knew things were serious between her and Blake before the proposal.  She said; “I’m so angry and upset that I wasn’t able to talk or see Michael before the finale! Michael and I had a long talk and he knew I was moving and that things were serious with blake. This was before the proposal.”

Blake shared his anger with how ABC edited the show for more controversy, saying;

“I’ve had enough of ABC’s editing. That conversation seemed so choppy because I brought to light the fact that I got it in writing from them that that wouldn’t happen. I was also told Holly and Michael would have time to talk prior to the finale to strategize. I tried expressly to avoid the awkward situation ABC worked to cultivate at the expense of everyone involved.”

Holly and Blake are now able to be open about their relationship and excited to finally be able to express their feelings.  Holly tweeted to Blake this morning; @BlakeMJulian Good morning!! I LOVE YOU!!”

Photo: ABC

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