‘Big Brother’ 15 review: A surprising eviction, more racism and a new HOH

AarynComing into tonight’s episode of “Big Brother” 15 we were happily surprised to realize we had no idea who would be going home.

When the nominations first came in as Helen and Elissa it was a given that Elissa was the target. After Jeremy went on the block as the MVP’s nominee he took himself off with the power of veto and Elissa decided to put Nick up on the block after listening to Candice about the idea that there was a large male alliance in the house. Elissa had no way of knowing that Nick was part of the Moving Company and it was a foregone conclusion that Elissa was going home… or is it?

After a week of campaigning and Jeremy’s arrogance getting on people’s nerves, the Moving Company seems to be crumbling and the idea of Nick going home, might actually happen tonight. The Moving Company is also concerned about McCrae being so close to Amanda and are worried that he will vote with her to keep Elissa, but he’s telling the Moving Company what they want to hear and being a little more honest with Amanda telling her that he’s conflicted. So who ended up going home? In a surprising eviction, some of the members of the Moving Company (Spencer, and McCrae) voted against Nick and he went home tonight and Elissa lives to see another day!

As for the HOH challenge this week, the houseguests were woken up all night and sent into the backyard to memorize packages on a conveyor belt. They were read questions that were true or false and the last houseguest standing will be the new HOH. So who has the power this week? It was Helen and the underdogs are in power!

What we loved was that CBS focused on the racism in the house and it was an important issue to bring to the viewers. Amanda tried to talk to Aaryn about her racist comments as one friend to another, but Aaryn wasn’t having it and felt that the house was taking things too seriously. When Julie first focused on the racism in this segment she mentioned that a few houseguests were part of this, but we were disappointed to see that it was all focused on Aaryn again and that GinaMarie and Spencer were excluded once again.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Big Brother” 15? Were you happy to see Helen in the HOH position? Were you upset to see the Moving Company dismantled and Nick go home? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: CBS

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