‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: someone’s final hours

She wouldn’t give up.

Rather than spend their past few hours in the “Big Brother” house fighting, someone as decided to basically just throw in the towel. Who is it? Don’t read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

Considering who we are talking about here, this shouldn’t be too great of a surprise — Jordan. Jeff’s girlfriend has now become so resigned to her fate that she isn’t even bothering to wear endurance clothing in the event that she remains in the game. Instead, she is really just trying to focus on giving Rachel advice for the final three (as she has been here before) and trying to get the game over with as quickly as humanly possible.

Rachel seems to have a pretty easy road to the final two. We all know that Adam is going to take her, and it’s theoretically possible that Porsche could considering that Rachel doesn’t have many friends. While she will likely get votes from Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon, it’s hard to see her grabbing the fourth one needed to win this game.

If you were in Jordan’s shoes, would you at least try a little bit harder to win this game?

Photo: CBS

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