The meaning behind Ace Knute Johnson, name for ‘Fashion Star’ mentor Jessica Simpson’s son

Jessica SimpsonMrs. Carter: Jessica Simpson is a  mom again!

Sources have confirmed that after her second pregnancy in the past two years, the star of NBC’s reality show “Fashion Star” (which is likely not going to be back on the air after a low-rated second season) has given birth to a baby boy. Baby Ace Knute Johnson joins daughter Maxwell Drew as a part of the family, and also joins her in the company of having a rather strange and unusual name. (Then again, almost anything at this point will is better then “North West” when it comes to having a more normal-sounding name.)

So what’s the meaning here? “Ace” is a little more common a name, and thus, we can’t see the kid being teased into the fetal position. It can mean power, accomplishment or achievement; so if you’re wanting a confident name for your kid, there are far worse options out there.

As for Knute, this one is a bit more of a mystery. The word itself has Scandinavian origins to it, and traditionally means a knot of some form. But would you really want to name your child after a knot? We know that knots are strong, but come on. Like with most other unusual baby names, we’re sure that Simpson will come forward at some point with a more official explanation as to why she chose to go in this direction.

In going back to Kim for a minute (as much as we hate to do it, given the flurry of Kardashian stories that are out there), isn’t it in a way nice that Jessica was spared from mass media coverage courtesy of Kim’s terrible choice in baby name? It almost had people forgetting about her long enough to finish up her pregnancy in peace.

What’s your take on the name, and do you have any theories as to its meaning? We want to hear your thoughts below!

Photo: NBC

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