‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Desiree Hartsock, Zak Waddell, and a bathrobe (video)

Zak W.If nothing else, you have to give Zak Waddell credit for one thing on “The Bachelorette”: He absolutely refuses to let anyone else steal his thunder when it comes to copying his shtick as the master of all things semi-clothed. He was the first guy to go shirtless on his season, and it looks, judging from the sneak peek below for Monday night’s new episode, that he may be willing to do more than that very soon.

So what is the context here? While in Spain, Desiree Hartsock decides to take Mr. “Will You Accept These Abs?” on a one-on-one date, and whoever thought up this concept has to either be insane, or hoping that we will see Zak respond to it by taking off his clothes: Having to sketch a nude model. There’s nothing quite as romantic as seeing a guy you’ve never met sit in front of you without a stitch of clothing on, right? “Ew” may be the answer that you are looking for here.

Some guys may have just walked away, or laughed to themselves awkwardly while trying to go along with it. However, Zak is no ordinary man! Instead, he’s a man that is willing to respond to a man disrobing by seemingly doing so himself. Desiree certainly seems to be somewhat into it, but this shouldn’t be too big a surprise since she has been into kissing just about every person that she has ran into over the course of the competition.

Are you able to take Zak seriously at all, or do you think that this guy just screams “goofball” with everything he does (even when he does show off his serious side)? If you want a sneak peek at another date that Desiree is having with many guys Monday, just take a look at the story over here.

Photo: ABC, video via The Huffington Post


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