‘Bachelor Pad’ season 2: is the Michael and Holly drama done?

What will happen with Holly?

Without the presence of Jake Pavelka in the “Bachelor Pad” house, we now have to ultimately turn our attention to two different people (that is, unless you really want to see Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi argue about ridiculous topics) — Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano. These two have had a rocky relationship that seems a bit like a romantic comedy — except where the lead characters don’t get together in the end.

Here’s the best way to summarize what happened during this episode:

-Michael loves Holly

-Holly cares for Michael, but wants to explore feelings for Blake

-Holly’s feelings for Blake make Michael love her more

-Holly and Blake kiss

-Michael becomes ridiculously sad

-Michael helps to eliminate Blake and his partner Erica (who tried to “seduce” Blake earlier in the episode in order to get Michael off of his back)

At the end of all this, it seems clear that Michael and Holly are not getting back together — and she’s interested in Blake, even in spite of the fact that nobody else in the house seems to like him. (Michael even mocked his “dentist teeth” at one point.)

As for one other talking point from this episode, who else thought it was totally lame how Michelle and Graham decided to completely skirt their way around the “nearly-wed game” challenge by making up answers?

What’s your take on all this Michael / Holly drama?

Photo: ABC

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