‘Bachelor Pad 2’: Michelle Money, Graham Bunn still happy together

Michelle found love in Graham

Michelle Money went on ABC’s hit show ‘The Bachelor’ to find love with Brad Womack, but unfortunately her feelings of love were not returned by Brad and he chose Emily Maynard to be his fiancée.

Michelle has moved on since then finding something special in Graham Bunn, her partner on ‘Bachelor Pad 2’. Money opened up about her relationship with Graham saying that the two are in constant contact with each other even though they still live so far away.  She said;

“Graham and I talk multiple times a day. When I left the show, we both knew that he was going back to New York and I’m going back to Utah, and we live very different lives. We don’t live close to each other by any stretch of the imagination, so we knew that it was kind of like, ‘We’ll see what happens.’ And since then, we have definitely grown closer.”

Michelle admits that as soon as she saw Graham walk through the door into the Bachelor Pad mansion, she felt an instant attraction.  Michelle said:

“Right when he walked in the door … I was like, ‘Okay, this is going to be a really fun experience’.  He’s got these eyes that just kill you right when you see him. It’s like, ‘Okay, I’m done!’ The unique thing about Graham is that he is not just hot, he is an incredible human being. He’s so much more than just beautiful on the outside. His heart is beautiful. His soul is beautiful. He’s just a really incredible guy all around.”

Michelle didn’t expect to find love on the Bachelor Pad, saying that she was there to win the prize money.  She explains;

“My intention in going on the show was to win the money – end of story. I never in a million years thought that I would meet someone that I would want to continue seeing after the show was over. It was a really pleasant surprise. I went on The Bachelor to find love, and in order to find love in eight weeks, you have to really utilize your time with someone, I took the approach of just taking advantage of every second I had with [Brad], whereas on Bachelor Pad, there was no goal at the end of the show to have a relationship.”

Photo: ABC

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