Kim Kardashian’s ‘North West’ name sparks outrage from … Jay Leno?

Kim KardashianMrs. Carter: Not everyone is a fan of Kim and Kanye naming their daughter “North West.”

As you would have guessed just by being on the internet over the past few days, you have probably seen the assortment of outrage from all of the typical Kim Kardashian-haters, and even some people who profess to be fans of the E! reality star and some of her antics. What is there reason to be so upset? It should pretty obvious: The woman named her child “North West,” with no middle name, and with the firm understanding that while she and boyfriend Kanye West may think the name is clever, it is going to be the sort of thing that has their child routinely mocked in the most dramatic way imaginable. It’s happening already and the kid is barely a week old!

Well, as it turns out, people were making fun of this name before she even chose it. In a video below, you can see Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” bring up the fact that he previously brought up the name “North West” to Kim during an interview, and she denied it was on the list with a smile on her face. We wonder whether or not she was lying through her teeth, or if this was something that she had been considering, and did not want to admit it.

Or, you can imagine this: Jay Leno actually inspired the name? We shudder to think of this possibility, but if this was the case, we imagine him in our head doing a victory lap in one of his classic cars.

What do you think about Leno’s reaction to this news, or are you shocked that Kim went with this name even after he pretty much dissed it to her face? If you want to read more news about the name’s selection, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Mrs. Carter

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