Enter North West, Kim Kadashian and Kanye West’s crazy baby name

Kim KardashianMrs. Carter: We can probably assume what direction the needle is pointing on this story when it comes to public opinion…

Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West first welcomed their baby girl into the world, speculation ran rampant when it came to what sort of name the two parents were going to give their super-famous daughter. For whatever reason, weird names are the rage. They make their child instantly famous and recognizable (as well as a target for ridicule in some cases), which is why you have such names out there as “Pilot Inspektor,” “Apple Martin,” and “Blue Ivy Carter.” Not one of these really makes that much sense, but it is what celebrities tend to do in an effort to make their child stand out even more than they already will.

Now, it’s come to this: North West. According to TMZ, this is what Kim and Kanye have named their child. Seriously, you read that right. They named their child after a direction. There were rumors that this was going to happen, just as there were rumors about the child also having a “K” name in order to keep the alliteration going for a little while longer.

With this name, Kim and Kanye have made their child¬†very unique, but we also feel bad for her already. How hard is it going to be on them later on in life to not only be living in your parents’ shadow, but having a name that is going to be such an easy target of jokes? For us, this is a name intended to draw a headline, without the same sort of consideration put into the kid’s own future.

Do you agree with us, or do you think that North is a beautiful name? Did you actually think that this child could have a normal name? We want to hear from you below!

Photo: E!

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