‘Glee’ season 3 spoilers, Sue Sylvester declares war on arts programs (Video)

The new season starts September 20

A new 30 second promo for the highly anticipated third season of ‘Glee’ has been released and while the promo is pretty short, it does give fans an idea of where the show might be taking us this year.

Everyone’s favorite villain, Sue Sylvester declares war against the schools arts programs and vows to suspend all of the public schools art programs.  Will Schuester hears about Sue’s plans and is ready to defend, saying: “Sue Sylvester wants to declare war on the arts? General Schuester is about to launch a counter-offensive.”

Here are a few more spoilers for the fans out there that just can’t wait!

The cafeteria scenes that we see in the promos are when the new Directions are trying to recruit new members to the Glee club and the food fight that erupts afterward is the student’s reaction to their performance.

Santana and Becky will be co-captains of the Cheerios squad and Quinn will be quitting the Glee club. A “former show-choir competitor’ will be enrolling at McKinley, receiving a lukewarm reception from all but one of the club’s male singers,” which means that Blaine will be transferring.

Finn will be getting some more plot lines thrown his way (outside of his romance with Rachel) and Lea Michele filmed a sing-off on Friday against Amber Riley.

Check back often for more ‘Glee’ season 3 spoilers and catch the new promo below.

Photo: FOX


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