Taylor Swift talks about writing songs about the men she dates (Video)

Taylor's songs are inspired by men she dates

If you’re a guy and you want to date Taylor Swift, be aware that if you break her heart she’ll likely write a song about you.

Swift has always been pretty open about the fact that the lyrics to most of her songs are based on real life experiences with the men that have broken her heart.  In a new video interview Taylor was asked if a man ever asked her not to write a song about him before they went on a date.  Swift said;

“Not at that point in the relationship! Because at that point, you know, they’re thinking I wouldn’t have any reason to write a bad song about them. And then it’s when they start to treat me in a way that wouldn’t reflect well on them in a song, if I were to be honest, about it, I’ve had a guy be like, ‘Ugh! You’re not going to write about this, are you?’ And I’m like … ‘Uhh, yeah. I am.’ You’d think that they’d decide that before asking me on the date, or before we become a couple, or before all this stuff happens. But, it only occurred to … Well, him, it occurred to him that it wouldn’t be a good song.”

Taylor has dated some pretty famous faces; Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal, so when you hear her songs, you have to wonder which man inspired which track.  Swift said;

“I love it when a song is a story. My favorite stories have really beautiful characters, and I feel like you can most accurately describe a character if you know them.”

Check out the full interview with Taylor Swift below.

Photo: Minds eye


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