NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: Michelle Chamuel, Danielle Bradbery battle for the title

The VoiceIt’s all come down to this. On Monday night, “The Voice” season 4 will have its final performances of the season that America can vote on, and this leads into the big reveal of the winner Tuesday night.

So who is going to come out on top? Well, we wrote about the flaw in the show’s voting system for a reason: Blake Shelton’s fans are beastly, and he is going to be hard to beat since he could have a singing potato on stage and it would win. Can Michelle Chamuel win? Sure, but she needs the combination of great songs, a strong voting block, and Blake’s fans splitting the vote between his two artists to make it happen. We’re being realistic with our rankings, but we do genuinely think that either of the two top has a real shot of winning the whole shebang in the end.

3. The Swon Brothers – At best, we see the Swons coming in second place Monday night, and when you have little shot to win at this point, you have to be ranked third. As great as their iTunes figures were this past week, we think they have been overshadowed to an extent all season by the top two ladies, who are shaping up to have some sort of vocal battle royale.

The best thing that these two can do to have a shot is to work the sense of humor angle, and do at least one song that pulls at the heartstrings of all of those conservative folk in the Midwest who are major fans of theirs. Basically, their challenge will be to try and steal votes away from Danielle Bradbery.

2. Michelle Chamuel – We have never backed away from our support of Michelle, and we’re not going to do now even if she is going into the finale as an underdog. Blake Shelton’s fans are loyal, and you have to think they’ll be ready to buy however many singles that they can to get his artists to the top. Luckily, Michelle is worthy competition as she is a fantastic, likable singer who can perform a diverse array of singles. While Blake’s acts have played it fairly safe, she has done everything from pop-country to dance to classic rock during her time on the show.

So what does Michelle have going for her this week? The biggest thing is that in addition to being a great singer, her coach in Usher has a ton of friends. He hasn’t tried to cash in many favors from them all season, but if there is a time to do it, now would be it.

1. Danielle Bradbery – At the end of the day, you still have to base your reality TV winners on results, and while the Swon Brothers and Michelle are popular, Danielle is even more so. She’s had more top ten singles on iTunes all season than anyone else, and emerged quickly as a favorite from the moment she started singing.

She’s a very talented young girl, but we don’t think it’s really any one thing that has made her so formidable. Instead, it’s a combination of having a good coach, a good stage presence, and coming across as likable in interviews that has helped her. We don’t expect her to reinvent the wheel Monday night, but she doesn’t have to if she wants to win. What Blake should just focus on is continuing to do more of what landed her in this position to begin with.

Who are you pulling for to win? We want to hear from you in the poll below! Also, be sure to visit the link here to read up on some changes the show should consider implementing in the future.

Photo: NBC


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