‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final review: Jack Carroll jokes about egg incident; Luminites shine

Britain's Got TalentIt is definitely fair to say that Saturday’s “Britain’s Got Talent” final was stuffed full of surprises. There were a handful of stellar performances, a great wild-card act was chosen, and there was also a moment within here that is probably blowing up most of the internet as we speak.

But who is actually going to end up winning the entire competition? We’ll have a chance to find out very soon. For now, read our take on all 11 performers from the show, and vote for your favorite in the poll at the very bottom of this article.

Pre Skool – Starting first on the final is never a good sign if you want to win, since there are 11 acts and it is difficult to be remembered. Then again, did you think that these dancing kids had much of a chance anyway? If we’re being honest, this was a little bit of a mess, but the kids seemed to have a great time, and hopefully some of them will continue to pursue dance in the future.

Asanda Jezile – There’s still no doubt that Asanda can sing, but why does she constantly just do Beyonce’s greatest hits? The predictable song choice was probably the worst part of the performance, and that’s a compliment to how amazing her voice really is at such a young age, and it’s mature enough that this won’t go away with age.

Gabz – Who knew that she had two good songs under her belt? We didn’t really think that she would have a follow-up to “The One” that would really work, but this new track wasn’t bad. Of course, it was pretty smart to mash this one up with the song that everyone already knows.

Steve HewlettYou can read more about his selection as the wild card act here, but to sum it up briefly, he was hysterical. We wouldn’t have rooted for him to get this spot before the show, but he deserved it. Plus, it was another opportunity to publicly ridicule Simon Cowell, which we always love the opportunity to see.

Jordan O’Keefe – The guy is super-smart to go along with being a young and attractive man, mostly because he’s not doing songs that you would expect him to do. Take, for example his take here on the Katy Perry hit “Firework.” We appreciate risk-takers, and he at least has a moderate shot of moving on.

Arisxandra – If we were to give her an honest critique here, we think that Asanda knocked it out of the park this week, whereas Arisxandra hit a double. There were just so many problems with pitch at the start of the performance, and it felt almost like she was under the pitch for the entire song.

Francine Lewis – This was the biggest disappointment of the night thus far, and to us the time when Francine finally started to lose her mojo. The entire ending here was more cringe-worthy than it was funny.

Richard & Adam – We have a feeling that everyone is going to be talking about a certain egg incident as much as the performance instead, but the two brothers carried on and delivered a massive vocal. The only issue that we had here with the actual singing was that we’ve heard the song so many times on this show.

Jack Carroll – We’ve expressed time and time again our love for our personal mini-me Jack, who is about a hundred times funnier than we could ever be. The one thing that sums up was how he was able to go out immediately and tell a joke about the egg incident straight out of the gate.

Luminites – We’ve heard this song already on the show, but with them, there’s so much going on here that we really don’t mind. These guys have chemistry, talent, and are more modern than almost anyone this whole season.

Attraction – The final act of the night was a shadow troupe that really has done a stellar job at moving audiences with interesting images, and they were the favorite going into the show. Are you really surprised that they went last? You shouldn’t be. Of course, they were magnificent, and have a good shot at winning the whole thing.

If you want to see where we ranked some of these contestants moving into this episode, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: ITV

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