‘Big Brother 13’: the eviction, the jury house, and the new Head of Household

We are now down to five.

There was plenty going on Thursday night on “Big Brother,” but we can really break it down effectively into just three categories.

1. The jury house – Shocker! This was the funniest part of the night thanks to Jeff being so ridiculously bitter over getting evicted by Shelly — and for accidentally throwing out a clown shoe during the Power of Veto challenge. Meanwhile, Daniele seemed to have a blast subtly getting under his skin the whole time he was suffering. This may have also been the first time all season Brendon was 100% likable.

2. The eviction – Shelly literally did everything she could to stay in the game, just as she did everything she possibly could in order to get to this point. She played a game that probably would have been exposed earlier in a more intelligent season, but you have to give her credit for at least making things interesting. Of the three, Kalia was the only one who actually voted to get rid of Adam.

3. The new Head of Household – Everyone outside of Porsche convened outside following the eviction for one of the most critical competitions yet. For Kalia, this was one she absolutely had to win. Although we’re not actually able to see who won the challenge just yet thanks to it being a thirteen-minute donut-stacking party, we can pretty much call it already — Rachel has this in the bad. She’s in better shape than any of the other houseguests, and Adam still doesn’t really seem to care that much.

What did you think of this episode?

Photo: CBS

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