‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final rankings: Luminites, Jack Carroll, Arisxandra, Gabz face off

Britain's Got TalentIt’s finally here: The one “Britain’s Got Talent” live show that determines everything. The winner of this show will not only receive a handsome cash prize, but have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety.

So who will actually win? This is where we (and hopefully you, via the poll below) come into play. This is not exactly an easy thing to predict given the talent level, but we’re taking into consideration everything from performance quality to press coverage, judges’ comments, and even the competition. (For example: The young singers may cancel each other out, and so on.) Britain has embraced a variety of acts at this stage, so there is no reason to assume that a singer or a dancer will automatically win.

Since we don’t know who the wild card is, there’s no sense in including them.

The rankings

10. Asanda Jezile – She’s a great singer for her age, but we view her at this point as someone who is going to be very happy to just be invited to the party. She and Arisxandra are too similar, and thus will probably hurt each other in the voting.

9. Gabz – Another talented young singer, and she is a songwriter to boot. The problem is that she’s planning on doing another original song tonight, and that is a tough challenge to sell the British public on something different at a key point in the competition.

8. Pre Skool – They’re cute kids and very good for their age. But really, are they Royal Variety worthy right now? We don’t think so, just as we would have preferred to see someone more accomplish in Joseph Hall still be in the competition.

7. Francine Lewis – Being an impressionist more so than a comedian is hard, mostly because there are only so many great people to impersonate out there. She and Jack run the risk of splitting votes, and we ultimately think that he’s more likable.

6. Jordan O’Keefe – He’s getting the teenage girl vote, and he may even get consideration from Syco Records. We just think that when you look at the entire scope of this competition and the people voting, the public will more likely embrace something a little bit different.

5. Arisxandra – As we said earlier, she and Asanda will likely split some votes, but we think that she has a little bit of a larger fan following, and also a little bit of a bigger voice that could carry her through to the top half of the voting. We still don’t think that she will win, though.

4. Richard & Adam – Great guys, and great opera singers. They’re different enough to be taken seriously, especially when so many older voters love opera. They could definitely win, and some of it will come down to song choice and placement within the show.

3. Luminites – We really feel the same way about this group. They have a wide range of fans, they’re urban, they’re hip, and Simon could also look at signing them like with Jordan. Their biggest issue is that if they go early, they stand a chance of being buried by all the other singers.

2. Jack Carroll – Our top two acts are slightly different in that we think they have a shot no matter where they are in the show. Despite being a teenager, this guy (otherwise known as our personal spirit animal) has brilliant material, and is funny without going for the “I’m a kid, vote for me” shtick.

1. Attraction Shadow Theater – America has seen acts like this before on their version of the show, but Britain has not. This originality benefits the group greatly, as does their penchant for telling moving stories that strike something deep within voters. We think they will be placed near the end of the show, but regardless, they have to be the frontrunners at this point given not only their talent, but their originality and hype in the media.

Want to know who is performing as the celebrity guests during the final? Be sure to check out the link here.

Photo: ITV



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