‘The Talk’: Watch Khloe Kardashian take credit for Kim’s relationship with Kanye West

The TalkMrs. Carter: Well, here’s an interesting spin on this…

While we typically stay away from some of the Kardashian media madness (mostly because we really don’t care about someone’s outfit or whether or not they are going to the gym), there is something about Khloe’s interview from “The Talk” this week that comes across as bizarrely entertaining. We’re not entirely sure just what it is, but we have a feeling it may be her proclamations of at least being partial responsibility for helping to set up Kim with her current boyfriend Kanye West. (The two are expecting their first child, as you’ve probably heard a million times.)

For more explanation on this very subject, just check out the following series of quotes from Khloe below:

“We’ve known Kanye since like 2006 or 2007, and he’s always been into her, and loved her. He was always just so obsessed with her, in a good way. And I thought that was so cute.

“…One day, I don’t know what happened, she acts like it was her idea, like I never said it from the start, [and said] ‘You know, I think I really like Kanye.’ … [I was like] ‘Hello! I’ve been telling you that for years!’ We could’ve saved a whole wedding!”

Well, if nothing else, you cannot say that Khloe is anything other than honest, which probably does make her our favorite member of the Kardashian family to listen to when it comes to interviews. We also wish that this was the sort of conversation that she was allowed to have during her time on “The X Factor.”

Speaking of bizarre Kardashian interviews, be sure to also check out the bizarre / confrontational chat that Jimmy Fallon had with Bruce Jenner a little earlier on in the week.

Photo: CBS

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