Kate Winslet opens up about escaping house fire

Kate tells the story

Kate Winslet escaped a disastrous fire at the home of Richard Branson on Necker Island last week and people have been wondering how the experience has affected her.

The ‘Titanic’ actress has opened up about what happened and how  Richard’s daughter, Holly played a big part in getting everyone out safely.  Kate explains;

“It happened very fast. Richard’s daughter Holly became head girl immediately. Totally unflappable and utterly practical. Her calm instructions set the tone for an efficient evacuation and significantly helped to keep the hysteria under control. Flames were licking towards us. I just knew we had to go fast and I didn’t want to alarm my children any more than they already were. I know it sounds like a dramatic chapter in a novel or a movie, but nobody was about to shout, ‘Cut!’ I’m just glad everyone is safe. This easily could not have been the case.”

Kate also shared her experience of being a real life hero, when she picked up Branson’s 90 year old mother and carried her to safety.  Winslet said;

“On realizing just how fast the flames were gaining on us, I picked up a defiant and very able Eve. God bless this stoic woman, she didn’t want to be carried. For the record Eve could absolutely have made it out on two feet but I had seen ­something that the others in my group hadn’t, which was the wall of flames heading rapidly our way.”

Photo: Maggie Flickr

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