‘Big Brother 15’: Latest rumors and live feed speculation

Big BrotherIn just over a month now, “Big Brother 15” will be upon us, and while the wait is still an endurance challenge all its own, there are a couple of rumors floating around the internet right now that are still worth sharing.

The first one? That we are looking at a cast of all-new players rather than some sort of returning houseguest twist. This is surely something that everyone is probably hoping for after three out of the past four seasons have had some sort of returning player component. (This, coupled with the last year or so of “Survivor,” has led to many incidents of feeling like we’re recycling the same people over and over again.) The only substantial evidence that there are new players is simply that CBS put a huge emphasis on casting this summer, and casting director Robyn Kass is still knee-deep in the process.

We still don’t think any of this is a guarantee that there will be all newbies, so we’ll believe it when we see it. One thing going for the show is that the ratings were pretty strong for season 12, and this is with there being all new players across the board. (It’s ironic, given most people completely hated that season.)

As for some other news, it’s more geared towards everyone who is hoping for live feeds. Some more information should come out via CBS early next month, and hopefully this will include a response about international users. It would be a shocker if Canadians were going to get the shaft this season, mostly because money is money, and who cares about international restrictions if you are getting paid for fans to use the product?

There are going to be some new features to the product this year, including chat and new games, but we hope that there is a way that you can alleviate some of the problems of the old feeds, including trying to eliminate massive bandwidth overages for people with this sort of internet package, a lack of communication on when and how long feeds will be down, and cameras jumping around so much that you only get half-conversations.

If you want to stay informed all summer in a quick and easy manner, our suggestion for you is to bookmark this link now. All summer, we’ll have the latest in live feed updates, episode reviews, and much more.

Photo: CBS

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