2011 MTV VMA performances: Lady Gaga, Adele, Lil Wayne (Video)

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Lady Gaga’s male personality, Joe Calderone, opened the 2011 MTV VMA’s by taking the stage smoking a cigarette, swearing up a storm, and talking about a relationship that she has with herself.  She performed her new smash hit ‘You and I’, starting her set at a piano and then pushing into a fabulous dance routine with a dance crew of cute boys in white tee-shirts and black jeans.

Gaga brought Brian May, the guitarist of Queen,to  join her on stage and rock out the solo in ‘You and I’ while she sprayed the audience with beer.  Fantastic way to start the show, she really set the bar high for the other performers.

Next performer up was surprise guests Kayne West and Jay-Z  singing their smash hit ‘Otis.’ While they didn’t have a lot of stage theatrics outside of a giant American Flag, their stage presence was more then enough to captivate the audience.  During the performance a crazed fan jumped up on stage, but was quickly removed by security.

Up next is Pitbull and Ne-Yo singing their controversial song ‘Give me Everything’. Actress Lindsey Lohan threatened to sue Pitbull over the lyrics “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” and after he explained that the song was supposed to be positive, he invited Lindsay to come and sing their hit song with them at the VMA’s.  Lindsay did not show up and it left everyone was wondering if Pitbull was going to substitute Lindsay Lohan line.  Not only did he keep the line, he said it with extra emphasis.  The boys had about 30 female dancers backing them up while they brought the house down.  What was really great about their performance was that it looked like they were really having a great time on stage.

Adele who is up for seven awards tonight, performed the haunting song ‘Someone Like You’.  Her voice was pure perfection, like warm silk pouring all over you.  She didn’t have any flash or fireworks, just Adele singing with a piano player behind her and she stole the entire show with this performance. Brilliant.

Chris Brown performed all different decades of song and actually included the Nirvana song ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ in the dance performance and by performed we mean danced and not really sang much at all.  Brown spent most of the performance on a wire rig flying around the venue Matrix style and finally did end up singing a bit near the end of the performance.

Beyonce announced on the carpet that she is pregnant, so it was interesting to see how much she was going to incorporate dance into her routine since that is usually a huge part of Beyonce’s performances. She had a Motown type of feel going on and was dressed in a sparkly dinner jacket and back slacks, leaving her more revealing outfits at home in the closet. She kept the dancing down to a minimum, which worked well with the feel of her routine and it was like a wind machine was constantly following her around. She rubbed her hand over her baby bump at the end of the song and it was adorably sweet to see Jay-Z in the audience smiling up at Beyonce like a proud papa to be.

Young The Giant was up next and they rocked it out with the crowd.  They were pretty up close and personal with the audience who all had their hands up in the air swaying to the music and it was really nice to see an entire band on stage. The singer was holding two mics which was a little strange to see, but it looked like it made perfect sense to him.

Bruno Mars tributes the amazingly talented late Amy Winehouse by singing the song ‘Valerie’ with a ten piece band backing him up. The bands drum kit sported a huge heart with a banner wrapped around it that read ‘Amy.’ He sang beautifully with incredible soul and had the whole audience tapping their toes.  He got the audience to clap their hands in harmony with the music and sang “Amy we’ll miss you baby”.

Lil Wayne closed out the show with ‘How to Love’, but what was strange about the performance was that even though he was live, he was also auto-tuned.  It was incredibly distracting to watch him singing live, but listening to him in auto tune. The performance got a 1000 times better when he ripped off his shirt, dropped the auto tune and started rapping. After interacting with the audience he ran back up on stage and started playing guitar for about 10 seconds and then threw the mic on the ground. Lil Wayne really needs to pull his pants up, no one wants to see his blue underwear.

Stay tuned as we will have updated coverage throughout the night along with videos for the performances at the 2011 MTV VMA’s.

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