‘Big Brother 13’: new revelations from the episode

We learned something new!

Usually on “Big Brother,” the episodes really fail to teach us much that we didn’t already know via the live feeds. However, Sunday’s new installment brought us new information on two fronts.

1. The Jeff / Shelly fight – We knew that this was going to be ugly, but it actually turned out to be not nearly as bad as the fight between Shelly and Jordan that occurred after Jeff was evicted. We didn’t get an opportunity to see this before thanks to the live feed getting cut out, but really what it consisted of was just Shelly dodging Jeff’s questions, and Adam actually developing some sort of spine as he defended himself.

2. Pandora’s Box – While Porsche still looks incredibly silly for her decision to open Pandora’s Box, we at least now have some consolation that she did not actually choose the duos herself to play together for the rest of the week. Instead, the houseguests all paired up themselves. Granted, Porsche still should have fought to have Rachel paired with Adam and Shelly paired with Jordan — but now she has to live with this mistake.

Do you think that this Pandora’s Box twist could end up ultimately costing Porsche this game in its entirety?

Photo: CBS

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