Box office results: ‘The Help’ #1, Irene impacts all totals

#1 again!

When it comes to this weekend at the box office, it’s hard to really find that much to be excited about. The landing of a certain storm on the east coast led to many theaters closing, and thus a number of these totals are lower than we thought they would be a matter of weeks ago.

The good

Now is certainly a good time to be “The Help.” Even with all of these closings, the movie fell only 28% this weekend to finish at #1 with $14.3 million. The movie is likely going to cross the $100 million mark before next weekend rolls around, which will put it as four times ahead of its $25 million budget.

When it comes to movies beating their budget, “Our Idiot Brother” may also be in better shape than so many of us realized. With the Paul Rudd movie only costing $5 million to make, a #5 finish with close to $6.6 million in the bank is not too shabby.

The bad

The other two new movies opening this weekend are going to have a harder time making back their budget. Zoe Saldana’s “Columbiana” ended up in the #2 spot with just over $10 million in the bank — but the movie cost $40 million to make. Horror / suspense film “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” only brought in $8.7 million for the weekend — and when you consider that films of this genre typically drop sharply in their second weekend, things do not look good.

As for the biggest dud of all, “Conan the Barbarian” may end up coming in second place to “Mars Needs Moms” as the disappointment of the year. The Jason Momoa movie dropped nearly 70% in its second weekend in theaters, and only has $16.57 million in the bank. (Meanwhile, it cost around $90 million to make.)

Do you think some of these movies will end up doing better next week when the theaters are open again?

Photo: DreamWorks

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