Michael Lohan upset Dina was drinking with Lindsay at wedding

Michael is upset with Dina

Michael Lohan, who just went through rehab with Dr. Drew for his drinking issues, has a few choice words for his ex Dina who was allegedly drinking at Kim Kardashian’s wedding with their daughter Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay has been battling her substance addictions for a while and now that she is on the right path, her father feels that her only real chance at a full recovery is to not be encouraged to drink, especially by her mother.

Michael had this to say;

“My hands are in the air. I don’t know what to do. Lindsay is apparently out drinking, Dina is drinking. I thought Dina was smarter than to drink around Lindsay. Not once in my life did I ever drink around my kids. I don’t think support like that is going to give anyone confidence that Lindsay can come back. If anything, the public and the industry want to see that Lindsay has stable people around her – especially her parents. If Dina is staying in LA that means Cody is home alone in the hurricane. Since Dina has custody why isn’t she there in New York for him? I can’t get in touch with any of my kids because when Dina is around no one talks to me.”

Since the wedding there haven’t been any reports of Lindsay having any sort of relapse and in fact she has actually been out working, doing a Marilyn Monroe-esque type photo shoot.

Photo: Glenn Francis, Pacific Pro Digital

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