‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: Pandora’s Box speculation

Will Porsche be affected?

Could Pandora’s Box be finally coming to the “Big Brother” house? We are at the point in the game where we need some more excitement, and this fun little twist has provided some fun in the past.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

For pretty much all day Friday, Porsche’s Head of Household room has been locked down — and there is some massive speculation that the addition of this twist is the reason why. It’s too late in the season to really introduce some sort of special power, so what we can really hope for instead is some sort of random twist (like a money-grabbing party or Jessie giving fitness lessons) that made for a good addition on the show in the past.

It is nice to see Porsche for the first time actually really step up and make major decisions in this game, and right now her strategy seems to be to put up both Rachel and Adam on the block. Is this the best move? Probably not. Rachel and Jordan seem so close to giving up at this point that neither person would really even try during the Power of Veto challenge.

No matter what, Porsche’s goal seems to be to ensure that Adam or someone else wins the Veto, and as a result she can put up Jordan on the block with Rachel and make sure one of them goes home.

Do you think Pandora’s Box is going to come back?

Photo: CBS

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