‘Jersey Shore’ season 4: the bedroom brawl

What happened this week?

For an episode of “Jersey Shore,” Thursday night felt strange at first — the cast was mostly inside, there was little drama outside of Deena and Snooki, and Ronnie and Sammi were actually getting along.

At the end of the day, you knew this was going to end quickly.

Things started to spiral when Sammi got mad at Ron for dancing near a girl at the club, and this turned into him just ditching the situation in an effort to not go down the same path. (Then again, he already was in trying to get a girl from Long Island to visit him.) The two started to fight, and Sammi outed The Situation for a comment he made randomly earlier in the season about Ronnie jokingly wanting to bring home five girls at a club.

Here’s the thing about this comment — it wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously, and Ronnie and Sammi were not even together at the time. That being said, we still had one of the ugliest scenes in show history as Ronnie looked ready to beat Mike into next week — and he does end up sending the guy to the hospital.

Who’s in the wrong here? It really seems to be everyone involved to a varying degree, though the real question here is what sort of consequences are going to come Ron’s way from this.

Did you think what The Situation said merited Ron’s reaction?

Photo: MTV

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