‘Big Brother 13’: the first eviction results

So much for drama.

Since there are two evictions happening Thursday night in the “Big Brother 13” house, we are going to try and plan things out accordingly. Check back later to hear about the second eviction — but first (to quote Julie Chen), we have to talk about the first exit of the night.

This was truly a sad vote, but without the support of Rachel, Daniele was sent packing by a 3-2 vote. During her (epic) speech, she ended up ripping Adam a new one for not thinking with his own brain, and for effectively writing Jeff a check for half a million dollars. This is especially sad since her and Shelly have really been the only two people in this house willing to stir up trouble, and now we run the risk of a boring next few weeks.

Now, the question moving forward for the rest of the night is if Adam and Rachel will stay with Jeff and Jordan moving forward — in particular now that they have a prime opportunity to evict him in a short span of time (as in minutes).

How sad are you to see Daniele gone from this game?

Photo: CBS

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