‘The X Factor’: Simon Cowell still has not spoken with Cheryl Cole

The new panel.

The premiere season of “The X Factor” in America has managed to turn out to be even more dramatic than most of the upcoming scripted series for this fall — and this is without a single episode even airing yet. We have already seen lawsuits, behind-the-scenes drama, and judge Cheryl Cole leaving the program a few days into filming.

Finally, Simon Cowell is starting to open up about the latter — which is a topic that he has chosen to be rather tight-lipped about in the past. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a lengthy interview about the show, the executive producer / music mastermind claims that he ultimately felt as though Cole was not comfortable in the States, and the show was not working because of it:

“I came to the conclusion that she may not be as comfortable here because I was seeing a different person. She was like Princess Diana when she would walk out in England, and I accepted the fact that people didn’t know her here, but I think it did have an effect on her.

“[On day 2 of filming] I said: ‘Cheryl, you’ve got to raise your game a bit. This is America, it’s a much tougher market.’ … We [offered her a return to the UK series for $4 million, and] had gotten to the point where she wanted my dressing room.”

Also in this interview, Cowell claims that “American Idol” has been “disrespectful” in how they are downplaying his role as a reason for the show’s success, and says he will be “disappointed” if his new show brings in less than 20 million viewers every week.

Do you think that Simon did the right thing with Cheryl, or was this really a no-win scenario?

Photo: Fox

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