‘Big Brother 13’ live feed spoilers: the power shift discussion

The strategy continues.

It’s Wednesday morning in the “Big Brother” house, and that means the game is starting all over again — specifically when it comes to the plan for Daniele, Shelly, and Porsche to sway Adam to their side.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

Daniele, Shelly, and Adam were the first people up in the house, and they each quickly started things up by talking about any sort of scenario that could send Kalia home. Daniele offered both houseguests whatever sort of deal they wanted if she was able to stay in the house — but Adam still seems skeptical. Why? He keeps going back to Daniele’s attempt to backdoor Jeff week 3, and also the fact that she was the only person to vote to evict him when Dominic was sent home. In addition, Adam is right to think that he would have gone home if Daniele was unable to backdoor Brendon last week.

Unfortunately, the strategy talk quickly ended with Rachel coming outside in the morning to eat breakfast. It seems as though the gap is going to be too large for Daniele to sway Adam over to her side — even though he has a better chance of winning at the end with this alliance, he still feels safer until late in the game with Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel.

Do you think Daniele really has any shot here?

Photo: CBS

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