‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Coach Wade, Ozzy Lusth officially on board

Here are the returnees.

Even though we may have known about this for months, it is still nice to see it made official — Coach Wade and Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth are officially coming back to “Survivor” for its 23rd season. This marks the third time that each of them has played the game, and we previously saw them have rather interesting trajectories when it came to their strategies.

Coach – The first time he was on the game on “Tocantins,” he was a pompous guy who tried as hard as possible to be the puppetmaster. Then, he came out during “Heroes vs. Villains” and was a softer, sensitive character. Both times, he was ridiculously entertaining — however, he was loyal to a fault and only made it to the jury phase in each season.

When it comes to what advantage Coach does hold, it’s simple — while he may be a personal favorite, the guy’s probably never going to win. Because of that, he’s perfect to take far in the game since he will likely stay loyal to you, and he also carried a much bigger target.

Ozzy – Although he nearly won “Cook Islands,” Ozzy’s biggest problem has always been that his social game has never matched his physical game. The man was blindsided with an idol still in his possession in Micronesia, and he has to tone down the cockiness. Whoever gets him on their tribe will be grateful from a physical standpoint, but he’s also a major threat to go far. The only other advantage Ozzy may have is that he has played with new players before as an All-Star, so he knows how to handle them.

Here’s the real question — considering what happened during “Redemption Island,” do you think either one of these guys really has a chance to make it far in this game?

Photo: CBS

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