Lady Gaga is married to her loneliness

Will Gaga ever find love?

Singer Lady Gaga has said that her music comes first in her life and that if she had to chose between music and love, she would chose her music every time, saying “I would choose my work.”

Since her rise to stardom, the singer hasn’t been linked to many people romantically, really just her on again, off again relationship with Luc Carl and she has admitted that she does get lonely while on tour, but that her loneliness helps fuel her creativity.  Gaga explains;

“I’m supposed to be [lonely,] I am an artist. We wallow in loneliness and solitude our whole lives in search of the answer to hundreds and millions of questions that run through my mind. Yes, I’m lonely. But I’m married to my loneliness.”

Gaga feels that if she couldn’t make music she wouldn’t be able to go on in life.  She said;

“I would [pass away] without it and I could never be reborn … my biggest fear is missing out on a creative idea because of a lack of time.”

It’s an interesting concept to be married to loneliness for the sake of art, but there are just as many successful love songs out there as there are heartbreak songs. We hope you find your true love Mother Monster and that you are not married to your loneliness forever.

Photo: Michael Spencer

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