‘America’s Got Talent’: Team iLuminate, Poplyfe rule first semifinal

There were stellar acts this week.

It’s a nice feeling to be at the semifinals of “America’s Got Talent,” largely because we are now at the point where the vast majority of the competition is worth watching. There were really only a few duds over the course of the night (though the Sandou Trio Russian Bar — minus the Russian Bar — was a giant dud).

So what two acts stood out the most over the course of evening? While there were many strong performances (as in Daniel Joseph Baker and Melissa Villasenor), the real standouts were a band as well as an innovative performance troupe.

Team iLuminate

Last time we saw this group, they delivered a rather moving pieceĀ utilizingĀ their technology. This time, they decided to turn the routine into a real-life version of “Street Fighter.” It showed a completely new side to what they can do — which is important at this stage, since you need to show you have enough substance to your act that it is indeed worthy of going to Las Vegas. Every week they have been on this show, iLuminate has done that — and proved that they are going to be the likely winners of this competition.


This one came as a bit of a surprise. This band came across early on as being rather cheesy, but they have since become a rather fascinating darkhorse contender in this competition. While their version of “Come Together” was not perfect, they had such a fun energy to it you couldn’t help but be entertained. They have a unique sense of style, an extremely talented lead singer, and know how to put on the performance. Now, we just can’t wait to hear some original music.

Piers Morgan ultimately said it best at the end of the show — this is the best semifinal round the show has ever had. While we would personally put through Poplyfe, iLuminate, Daniel Joseph Baker, Miami All-Stars, and Melissa Villasenor to the next round, who are your picks?

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